The Homing
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The Homing

by John Saul
Release date: 1994
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

It will be the sweetest kind of homecoming for Karen Spellman. After years of living in Los Angeles, the pretty, young widow and her two daughters are leaving urban chaos behind to return to the lush countryside of Karen's childhood: Pleasant Valley, a verdant, fertile place where Karen will rediscover not only the bounty of the land, but love. For Karen is going home to marry her high school sweetheart.

But something sinister awaits the Spellmans. Something as primal as nature itself. Something so hideous it seems not earthly, but spawned in hell. For here, long ago, amid placid rolling fields, a shadowy menace once stalked the innocent. Dormant, it waits or summer's heat to shimmer over the valley in a suffocating wave, waits for the arrival of its perfect victim.

And now, with the dizzying descent of a nightmare, Karen's homecoming will become a confrontation with terror, as she struggles to protect her vulnerable daughters from a menace that seems to rise from the very earth itself, like a swarm of insects stirred in the frenzy of a monstrous homing a malign, preternatural force that must satisfy its gruesome thirst for its unsuspecting prey...

John Saul weaves a dark web of psychological suspense and all-consuming evil in a novel as richly atmospheric, as riveting and chilling, as any he has ever produced.

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