Harpy Thyme (Xanth, #17)
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Harpy Thyme

by Piers Anthony
Release date: 1993
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy
Tags: humor

Gloha was the only creature of her kind in all the wide, wonderful world of Xanth, the beautiful young offspring of a chance mating between a harpy and a goblin. As she grew to womanhood, she wondered where she would find the one true love with whom she could share her life.

So naturally, she went to the Good Magician Humfrey, to ask him for an Answer to the riddle of her heart’s desire. But Humfrey, for mysterious reasons of his own, turned down her request, propelling her instead on a perilous quest in search of truth, friendship, and, just possibly, happiness as well.

Accompanied by a colorful succession of unusual companions, including Cynthia the Centauress, Amanda the Griffon-girl, Graeboe the Invisible Giant, Marrow Bones the Skeleton, and recently rejuvenated Trent the Magician, Gloha must brave a demoness and snow dragons, malevolent clouds and musical volcanoes, on a wild and woolly odyssey that takes her not only across the length and breadth of Xanth, but on a journeys through Time, Space, and the perilous realms of Madness and Mundanity, finding the goal she seeks in the most unexpected of places…

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