Yon Ill Wind (Xanth #20) - Piers Anthony

A fickle flux in the fabric of space has allowed a horrendous hurricane to blast into Xanth, stirring up mischief and madness wherver she goes.

On a dare from his fellow Demons, the omnipotent entity known as X(A/N)th agrees to prove his powers by traveling incognito through the realm he secretly rules — the enchanted land of Xanth. But the challenge they've given him may be more than even he can manage.

First, he must assume a form of their choosing — a comical creature called Nimby, with the body of a dragon and the head of an ass. Nimby is really an acronym for "Not In My Back Yard," meaning no one would want such a creature to live near them.

Second, he may only speak once during the adventure — and may never breathe a word about his true identify. Next he must stay with the first creature he meets or lose his power to move. And last, and certainly worst, he must wring at least one tear from his companion or forfeit his high rank for ages to come.

Unfortunately his partner on this peculiar quest turns out to be an ill-tempered lass called Chlorine, with a tart tongue and a talent for tainting water. But that's not the end of his troubles, for a magical spell has opened a door between Xanth and the mundane world beyond, letting in a rampaging hurricane, and a hapless human family along with it — Jim and Karen Baldwin, and their two teenage sons, David and Sean.

Together this mismatched company encounters a host of turbulent misadventures as they struggle to keep Xanth from being blown off the map forever.

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Release date: 1995
Genres: fantasy
Tags: humor
Average rating: 5.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 23, 2021

Xanth :: Series

Enter the world of Xanth, where every citizen has their own unique Talent - or magical ability - and centaurs, demons and dragons abound. Piers Anthony’s Xanth books are among the most loved series in fantasy, with millions of copies purchased around the world.

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