The Library of Forgotten Books (PS Showcase, #8)
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The Library of Forgotten Books

by Rjurik Davidson
Release date: July 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories

Cover art by Steve Leary.

In this collection, PS Publishing presents the short works of a powerful, exciting new voice in SF and fantasy: Rjurik Davidson, whose protagonists wander dark cities of dreams, ravished by love and tormented by destiny...

"Rjurik Davidson is a lyrical fabulist whose stories resonate and illuminate like particularly lucid dreams. This is the proverbial writer to watch!" – Jack Dann

Visit the fantastic metropolis of Caeli-Amur, where rival Houses of thaumaturgists-half scientist, half magician – battle one another in vendetta, espionage, and murder, ruthlessly employing philosopher-assassins: killers weighed down one minute by deep thought, uplifted the next by pure ecstasy. Enter the totalitarian city of Varenis, whose librarians every week consign thousands of forbidden books to obscure shelves, in halls haunted by dead writers, half-ghost, half-demon...

"Rjurik Davidson is a unique and fascinating writer. The stories in this collection are entertaining, thoughtful, and always thoroughly original. Put this one on your must-have list." – Jeff VanderMeer

Voyage to an alternate post-World War Two Australia, whose vast inland sea has made her one of the world's Great Powers; there, in a Melbourne colossal beyond conception, criminals, communists, and government agents weave shadowy conspiracies only a weary veteran private eye can hope to penetrate. And holiday in a French resort whose cinema offers patrons fugitive glimpses of their countless possible futures, torturing them with hope, exhilarating them with despair...

"Rjurik Davidson's stories are engrossing, thought provoking, and often have a political undercurrent. You owe it to yourself to read his first collection." – Ellen Datlow

These are the visions of Rjurik Davidson: cogently atmospheric, psychologically profound, boundlessly imaginative.


  • The Cinema of Coming Attractions
  • Int. Morgue. Night
  • Tales of Caeli-Amur
    • Lovers in Caeli-Amur
    • Twilight in Caeli-Amur
    • The Passing of the Minotaurs
    • Lost in the Library of Forgotten Books
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