Tales from the Fragrant Harbour

by Garry Kilworth
Release date: September 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, mainstream, short stories

Tales from the Fragrant Harbour: Short Stories of Hong Kong and the Far East.

Cover art by Vincent Chong.

These short stories were all penned in and around Garry Kilworth's time in Hong Kong.

The collection is split half-and-half into general fiction stories and supernatural tales. They were all inspired by the people and places of that magical effervescent city, not forgetting its surrounding mountains and countryside, and the myriad islands that come within its sphere. There are tales from Chinese viewpoints and stories about the lives of ex-patriots.

If you read no other general fiction stories, then you must try 'Typhoon' with its fearless heroine the indomitable Elizabeth, or the imperturbable reptile catcher from 'The Snake-Man Cometh'. If your taste is not for the fantastic, you would be poorer in spirit for not experiencing the poignancy of 'The Hungry Ghosts' and 'Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop.'

If you have never been to Hong Kong, enter it page by page. If you have, retrace its familiar corners.


  • Author’s Scribblings
  • Once-Told Tales
    • Chandler’s Coffin
    • Shoot-out in the New Territories
    • The Snake-man Cometh
    • Moon Day
    • Face
    • Children of the Volcano
    • Walking Caged Birds
    • Triads
    • The River-sailor’s Wife
  • Twice-Told Tales
    • Inside the Walled City
    • The Hungry Ghosts
    • The Dragon Slayer
    • The Cave Painting
    • Island with the Stink of Ghosts
    • Love Child
    • Snake Dreams
    • Waiting by the Corpse
    • Mirrors
updated 2010-09-30

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