The Nikopol Trilogy

by Enki Bilal
The Nikopol Trilogy - Enki Bilal 7.58   28

Original title: La trilogie Nikopol.


  • The Carnival of Immortals aka Gods in Chaos (La foire aux immortels, 1980)
  • The Woman Trap (La Femme Piège, 1986)
  • Equator Cold (Froid équateur, 1992)

In 1993, a military court sentenced Alcide Nikopol to twenty years of suspended animation. In 2023, Nikopol is awakened to find his body possessed by the Egyptian god Horus, who is on the run from his fellow gods. So begins the brilliant Nikopol Trilogy, in which a political dissident deals with a government gone mad. Nikopol must team with a son he never knew who could now be his twin, a beautiful investigative reporter and an exiled Egyptian deity.

Category: Science Fiction

Release date 2000

Details updated August 26, 2021

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