Artifice / Maximum (In)security (Wake, #6)
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Artifice / Maximum (In)security

by Philippe Buchet, Jean-David Morvan
Release date: 2003
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Parts 6 and 7. Original titles: Artifices, 2003, Q.H.I., 2004.

Two stories in one book in a new handy format! In “Artifice”, feisty human agent Navee falls on a planet persecuted by a ruling class with little regard for life. She faces her coldest rival ever. In “Maximum (In)security”, she is given the task of dismantling a ring trafficking in planets but to do so she must retrieve Rib’Wund, a mercenary she worked with already out of a maximum security prison filled with ultra violent inmates! We also get to find out how she got those white bands across her body!

”The full-color art is nicely conceived and executed with dollops of humor. No need to start at the beginning of this saga to appreciate it.” – Booklist

”WAKE is an amazing blend of traditional European detail with the hyper kinetic action of a manga series. The mesh works well, and is lavishly illustrated with an eye towards a cinematic feel. This series is well deserving of all the praise heaped on it, and comes highly recommended to fans of sci-fi and strong characterization.” –

”***1/2. Continues to deliver compelling SF tales.” – Comics Buyers Guide

”Buchet's art is cinematic, beautifully colored and includes some of the most jaw-droppingly cool comic strip vistas I've ever seen in decades of reading science fiction comics. What really sets Wake apart from a lot of what's out there is that it's simply fun to read. Unlike so many of the derivative, formulaic American comics currently on the market, the Wake series is not unremittingly bleak and cynical. In fact, the stories have a refreshingly lighthearted quality. I give Wake my hearty endorsement.” – Steve Riggenburg, Heavy Metal

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