The Book of D'ni (Myst #3) - David Wingrove, Rand Miller, Robyn Miller

The ages of Myst are worlds of adventure and awe; of mystery and beauty; of intrigue and betrayal. You have seen a glimpse of the images, and know the histories of Catherine, Atrus, and Ti'ana. Now, take a step further into the fictional legend and origins of Myst.

These pages are your link to the story of Eedrah, son of Jethhe Ro'Jethhe, lord of Terahnee – Eedrah's ethereal homeland. Atrus and Catherine set out to rebuild D'Ni and stumble into his world of spectacular waterfalls, lush fields, rich music, and astonishingly beautiful architecture. Everything is perfect, this is a world they could scarcely imagine. But when a boy gets sick, only a prophecy and some fate can shape Terahnee's destiny.

Myst: The Book of D'Ni is a tale of one man against a powerful legacy; of integrity against corruption; and of love and valor. It is the story that has been kept secret for thousands of years. And with good reason, for you will watch as the unthinkable comes to light, and only one man's life and vision is the key to the salvation of a culture.

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Release date: 1997
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 25, 2021

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