by Melanie Tem
Prodigal - Melanie Tem N/A

Bram Stoker Award winner 1991.

A voice whispers in her ear at night, promising her a new life, urging her to let go of the reality she knows. The voice could only belong to one person, her brother Ethan, but his body, broken by drugs, lies cold in death. An invisible hand has opened the door for Lucy and her sisters and though Lucy questions her parents they have receded into their private existence where nothing can touch them. Lucy is quickly losing touch with her reality of white fences and pristine lawns. She is drawn beyond that door into the dark abyss where her brother waits and evil is hiding in the shadows. Each day the voice grows stronger, demanding that she journey far away to the place that stole her brother's mind and body. As the secret unfolds, the Prodigal emerges.

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Release date 1991
Details updated August 22, 2022
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