by Melanie Tem
Wilding - Melanie Tem 6.00   10

On a moonlit night in Denver a young girl runs – half transformed, half starving, half innocent. Behind her stretches a legacy of strong women, each possessed by the girl and the terror of the changing.

Four sisters lived in four houses. Now their female descendants, steeped in blood and sacrifice and rage, cling to their essence and their ancient rituals while Deborah, runaway, uninitiated, threatens their survival.

The family of hunters hunts her down – racing on all fours through the streets of the city and the canyons, gripped by their own quarrels and regrets and their desperate, essential love for one another. They are driven by the need to run, to hunt, driven by the insistent itching of the hair that lies hidden between the flesh and the skin.

Category: Horror Werewolves

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Release date 1992
Details updated August 16, 2022
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