by Dan Simmons
Flashback by Dan Simmons 6.96   24

America, 2036: a wasteland in economic ruin. Terrorism and ultra-violence plague a once powerful society, whose only escape is to numb itself on flashback a euphoric yet cripplingly addictive drug that allows its users to re-visit their happier, past experiences.

Ex-cop Nick Bottom is about to receive a proposition. Flashback dependency has taken his badge, his reputation, and the love of his son. All he has left are the flash-induced memories of his beloved wife, Dara, taken from him in a tragic car accident.

Now powerful magnate Hiroshi Nakamura needs Bottom's services, and, in particular, his memories. As head of the original investigation into the murder of Nakamura's son – an unsolved and seemingly impossible mystery – Bottom's flashbacks now, six years later, hold the key to solving what was the toughest case of his career.

But as Nick delves deeper, the harder it becomes to trust those around him. And when he uncovers a connection to Dara's death, it is not only Hiroshi Nakamura who wants answers.

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Release date June 14, 2011
Details updated January 16, 2017
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