Dark Voices 5 (Dark Voices #5) - Stephen Jones, David Sutton

British Fantasy Award winner 1994.

Edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton.

For 34 years the Pan Book of Horror has turned the blood in your veins to red ice. In this latest terrifying collection, horror's menacing masters and tomorrow's top names gather together to take you to the furthest reaches of Fear... Cravings... Killers... Cannibalism... Ghosts... Zombies... Arachnids... Parasites... Insanity... Necrophilia... Video Nasties... In Dark Voices 5 the reign of terror continues.


  • Having His Leg Pulled by Robert Holdstock
  • Back Row by Brian Lumley
  • Precious by Roberta Lannes
  • The Editor by Nicholas Royle
  • The Ventriloquial Art by Graham Joyce
  • Phantom by Melanie Tem
  • How She Dances by Chaz Brenchley (as by Daniel Fox)
  • The Dog Park by Dennis Etchison
  • Gerassimos Flamotas: A Day in the Life by Simon Clark
  • Arrangement for Invisible Voices by Kathe Koja
  • The Lady of Dubhán Alla by Brian Mooney
  • Loser by Les Daniels
  • Life Partner by David J. Schow
  • Sustenance by Kim Antieau
  • Stone Dead by Jean-Daniel Breque
  • La Siesta del Muerte by Jeff VanderMeer
  • The Disobedience of Mary Thompson by Peter Valentine Timlett
  • More Bitter Than Death by Michael Marshall Smith
  • Where the Bodies Are Buried by Kim Newman
  • Red-Bellied Ghosts by Myrna Elana
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Release date: 1993
Genres: horror, anthology
Tags: british fantasy award
Updated: August 27, 2021

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