Bazaar of the Bizarre - Fritz Leiber N/A

A volume of Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories designed for the collector. The Cloud of Hate, Bazaar of the Bizarre and Lean Times in Lankhmar, were chosen by the author as his particular favorites. Mr. Leiber has added an introduction which provides background for that fabulous sword and sorcery world. A deluxe volume with jewel-like illustrations in full color by Stephan Peregrine.


  • Introduction
  • Bazaar of the Bizarre
  • The Cloud of Hate
  • Lean Times in Lankhmar

Release date 1978

Details updated August 21, 2021

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Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser :: Series

Series contains 3 total works.

Belongs to the series Lankhmar

Two Sought Adventure N/A
Rime Isle N/A
Bazaar of the Bizarre N/A