Ouroboros is a co-written novel by Michael Kelly and Carol Weekes!

In a small coastal town, an ancient force stirs, drawn by the cumulative power of life and death, grief and sorrow, and ultimately, endless love.
OUROBOROS – life out of death.
Tom Christiansen's wife of 35-years, Dolly, is dead. His world suddenly shattered, Tom  takes refuge in his house to grieve and reflect. Tom's thin veil of reality and fantasy begins to crack and slip. He hears things: the rusty creak of the backyard swing; the tap to tiny feet from an upstairs room. And he sees things, as well: a small rubber ball bouncing slowly down the stairs; birds like silent sentinels on electrical wires; a strange little pigtailed girl suddenly appearing in his yard, and what is that mysterious figure lying in the upstairs bed that he used to share with his beloved wife?
OUROBOROS – a new cycle has begun.
Tom's long-time neighbors, and dearest friends, Mick and Robbi Hamlin begin to notice strange behavior from grief-stricken Tom. The witness dinner place-settings for two. They hear hushed conversations from the old house, as if Tom is speaking to himself, as if he is not alone. There is a pale little girl in the backyard, swinging ceaselessly. And something is rustling in the bushes, peering out from the undergrowth with inquisitive eyes.
OUROBOROS – the end is just the beginning.
"With this expertly-written tale of madness and terror, Carol Weekes and Michael Kelly have immediately established themselves as a force to be reckoned with Mystifying and deeply unsettling, Ouroboros is as thought-provoking and intelligent as it is terrifying. This is horror for grownups. Once Ouroboros finds its way into your head and begins to nest, good luck getting it out." – Greg G. Gifune, Children of Chaos
"Michael Kelly and Carol Weekes have written a gem of a novel...Horror fans will enjoy the book, but those who tend to veer away from the darker fiction are going to miss out on a damned good read." – Gef of Good Reads
"Quaintly humorous at times, and occasionally stomach turning in it colourful descriptiveness of gore, it is suspense which drives this story. Once you begin reading, you will find yourself nearly unable to put it down...from its touching scenes of interpersonal kindness to its frightfully vivid scenes of unspeakable terrors, Ouroboros is a gripping read." – Horrorbound Online Magazine

"This is a must read for any horror fan!" – Readaholic

"Ouroboros is, quite literally, haunting. Its dark themes are brought to life by scenes and characters hard to forget, immeasurably enriched by the skillful exploration of friendship and duty that extend beyond the grave. I can recall only two horror novels that so effectively depict the fear of dying, and what lies beyond, or that resonate so long after the final page is turned: Stephen King's Pet Semetery, and William Sloan's The Edge of Running Water. Kelly and Weekes are keeping very good company. " – Stephen R. George (Jack Ellis) Author of The Forgotten, and Dark Miracle
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Release date: August 2010
Genres: horror
Updated 2010-09-23