Through the Breach (Reaches, #2)
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Through the Breach

by David Drake
Release date: 1995
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

Their mission is called the Venus Asteroid Expedition, but it has little to do with legitimate trade. General Commander Piet Ricimer and Stephen Gregg are leading an armada of four ships from the relatively civilized clouds of Venus out beyond the orbit of Pluto, deep into the Reaches where trade and piracy are one and the same – and expedited with a gun.

Their destination is the Mirror, and impenetrable membrane covering another universe – a universe where all the riches of the Federation are held in ports, ripe for plundering. There is only one place where the expedition can cross the Mirror, a weakened point known as Landolph's Breach. The last one to pass through was Landolph himself... over eighty years ago. And most of his men never returned...

But the war with the Federation is raging, and the glory of Venus is at hand. Ricimer and Gregg are going forward into the hands of fate, going to claim the wealth and glory that is theirs to take... going hell-bent and full speed ahead through the Breach...

updated 2016-09-15

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