The Breaking

by Marcus Pelegrimas
Release date: May 27, 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Shapeshifters, vampires, and all manner of monstrosities are raining hell down on a small western town — which is why Skinner Paige Strobel is headed there with a band of Old World Skinners who have been battling monsters for centuries using antiquated, yet oddly effective weaponry. Meanwhile, Paige's sometime-partner/sometime-lover Cole Warnecki is being held prisoner by persons — or things — unknown: framed, tortured, and beaten for the slaughter of cops at a vampire warehouse in Denver.

For Paige and Cole, a search for answers has become a battle for survival. The future of unsuspecting humankind is balanced on a knife blade. And the Apocalypse is a certainty unless they can uncover the truth behind a terrible force powering monsters and hunters alike... and find out why — after horrific werewolf attacks in KC and bloody carnage in Philly — Skinners are suddenly, inexplicably, turning against Skinners...

updated 2011-05-27

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