New York Times bestselling author Cheyenne McCray takes her acclaimed Night Tracker series one chilling step forward — where the undead roam the city streets…

Nyx hates Zombies. Seriously. Hates. Zombies. Ever since she was a youngling, she’s been haunted by them. And even though she’s a big girl now — a half-human, half-Drow private eye, to be precise — Nyx bristles at the mere thought of the walking dead.  


Meanwhile, the corpses of humans and paranorms alike are turning up all over New York City. Now it’s up to Nyx to find out who — or what — is behind this series of horrific attacks. But it’s only a matter of time before Nyx is drawn deeper into her darkest fears… and her worst nightmare about meeting a real, flesh-and-blood-hungry, body-snatching Zombie comes blindingly to life. Or death…

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Release date: May 20, 2011
Genres: fantasy > urban fantasy, romance > paranormal romance
Tags: zombies
Updated 2017-01-21