The Collected Connoisseur

@ Mark Valentine, John Howard (fantasy, horror, short stories)


  • Introduction by Mark Valentine
  • After the Darkness
  • Cafe Lucifer
  • In Violet Veils
  • Pale Roses
  • The Craft of Arioch
  • The Effigies
  • The Lost Moon
  • The Paravine Cries
  • The Secret Stars
  • Mad Lutanist
  • Sea Citadels
  • The Black Eros
  • The Hesperian Dragon
  • The Last Archipelago (with John Howard)
  • The Lighting of the Vial
  • The Mist on the Mere
  • The Nephoseum, or, The Play of Shadows
  • The Prince of Barlocco
  • The White Solander (with John Howard)
  • The Rite of Trebizond
  • The Serpent, Unfallen
  • The Temple of Time
  • The Descent of the Fire (with John Howard)
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Release date: March 2010
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories
Updated 2010-10-18