A billiant tale of action and adventure from the creator of Hammer's Slammers and Cross the Stars.

Ensign Brainard, in command of the smallest vessels of Wysocki's Herd – faces his first action among the nameless islands of Gehenna Archipelago, only to have the hovercraft slam down on a jagged shoreline at a speed that could rip through the armored belly of a dreadnought, much less the hovecraft's flexible skirts.

War has begun between Wyoming Keep and Asturias Keep. But only the mercenary naval forces called Free Companies will fight.

Within Wyoming Keep, where Officer-Trainee Wilding's family is one of the Twelve Families directing affairs, the leading citizens have little to lose. The parties continue: after all, battle is exciting.

Meanwhile, on the hovercraft, Brainard and his crew – Officer-Trainee Wilding, motorman Leaf, torpedoman Caffrey, and coxswain Newton – have no choice but to enter the jungle that is the hellish surface of Venus.

No one can survive there.

But it's the only chance they've got...

Set in the universe of Henry Kuttner's classic CLASH BY NIGHT, THE JUNGLE is an extraordinary work of the imagination, told with all David Drake's immense narrative power.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: science fiction > military science fiction
Updated 2017-01-16