Yvgenie (The Russian Stories, #3)
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by C. J. Cherryh
Release date: 1991
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhistorical fantasy

The Wizard's Daughter

In the spirit-haunted wilderness near Kiev, years had passes since the evil wizard Chernevog had given up his life. Ilyana had grown into a young woman. Her mother Eveshka, the former rusalka, and her father Pyetr, kept her close and guarded her well. For Ilyana, like her mother before her, had been born a wizard.

Ilyana was careful of the temptations and mistakes of wizardry, lest they betray her, as they had once betrayed her mother. But there was one secret she kept hidden from her parents: For years, since the time Ilyana was very small, every spring had brought a playmate for her to the shoreline of the river – a ghostly boy, always her own age. Now they were fifteen. He kissed her, and she began to fall in love.

Then Evashka found them together and recognized the boy – Kavi Chernevog, returned to trouble her life again and take Ilyana from her. The peace that she and Pyetr had thought they had was gone. Once more dark magic was loose in their world.

Edited by Seregil of Rhiminee (2018-12-09)

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Yvgenie is the third and last book of The Russian Stories trilogy. I liked Yvgenie very much. It's an interesting ending to a good fantasy trilogy. Yvgenie is a good and fascinating fantasy book. I can highly recommend this book to all fantasy readers, who like good stories and fairy tales.
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