Lois & Clark: A Superman Novel

C. J. Cherryh
science fiction
Lois & Clark: A Superman Novel - C. J. Cherryh

A novel placed in the world of the "Lois & Clark" TV series.

Their entire relationship is founded on a secret. Now that secret is in jeopardy. In this exciting new novel, award-winning author C. J. Cherryh takes us deep into the private lives and thrilling adventures of Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and the world's most famous super hero, Superman.

Where is Superman when you need him?

The Daily Planet offices rumble in the aftershock of an enormous explosion. As Lois Lane stares through the settling dust, a terrifying sight takes shape: the high-rise hotel down the street has completely collapsed. Hundreds of people are trapped inside, including an entire children's soccer team. And Superman, the guardian of Metropolis and the love of her life, is half a world away.

Even with his super powers, Superman can't be everywhere at once. As he struggles desperately to save a village threatened by a bursting dam, Lois races through the pandemonium of the collapsed hotel, throwing herself into the rescue effort – and emerging a hero. Not just a reporter anymore, suddenly she is a celebrity caught in the glare of national media attention. Recognized everywhere and hounded constantly by the press, nothing in her life will ever be the same again... including her relationship with Clark Kent.

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Release date: 1996
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 2.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: January 25, 2013