by Abra Ebner
Release date: 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

In Book Two we delve deeper into the tragic world of the eighteen year old Estella, now left to find her own way in a place that is less than forgiving of her kind. As she searches to fight for what she loves, friends she had thought she had all but forgotten return, lending her a hand where she thought none would be given. As she travels through the places one can only hope to dream, and one does, we find the significance in our time spent in slumber, and the game we all play to move ahead. In a story that rivals that of Jules Vern, we find that looking into the deepest regions of our soul opens a higher level of understanding about love, life, and all that it means to live. We are here to guard what we hold most dear and what we hope for above all is love... Come visit a world where anything can still happen, in a place filled with humor and magic, tragedy and sacrifice. It is when we are called into our darkest days that we find who we are, and the truth behind all things...

(updated 2010-11-04)

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