The Prince with the Silver Hand

Michael Moorcock
fantasy > sword and sorcery, collection
The Prince with the Silver Hand (The Tale of the Eternal Champion #10) - Michael Moorcock

Omnibus of the second Corum trilogy. Previous edition: The Chronicles of Corum (1978).

  • The Bull and the Spear
  • The Oak and the Ram
  • The Sword and the Stallion

In those days there were oceans of light and cities in the skies and wild flying beasts of bronze. It was a time of magics, phantasms, unstable nature, impossible events, insane paradoxes, dreams come true, dreams gone awry. It was a rich, dark time.

And a time of profound and terrible change...

Rhalina, ninety-six years old, and handsome, had died. Corum, the Prine in the Scarlet Robe, last of the Vadhagh, had wept for her. He still missed her and he contemplated his own lifespan of perhaps another thousand years.

Some eighty years were to pass since the fall of the Sword Rulers before Corum's interest was to be re-awakened in matters concerning the Mabden folk and their gods.

The world had turned a man of peace into a warrior and then left him with nothing to fight. That was Corum's fate.

Corum began to realize that his taciturnity was turning to madness when, in his bed at night, he began to hear voices.

"Corum! Corum! Help us!"
"Help you!" he screamed back. "It is Corum who needs help!"
"Corum. Corum. Corum..."

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Release date: 1993
Genres: fantasysword and sorcery, collection
Average rating: 9.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 25, 2021

The Tale of the Eternal Champion :: Series

The Tale of the Eternal Champion is a fourteen volume set of omnibuses that present a considerable number of Michael Moorcock\'s Eternal Champion novels and stories in a \'recommended reading order\'. It was originally published by Millennium/Orion in hardcover and trade paperback editions between 1992 and 1993, and then in mass-market paperback editions between 1995 and 1998.

The series was jointly edited by Moorcock and John Davey, and presented Moorcock with an opportunity to make a number of revisions to the texts to give a more uniform feel to the Tale. Each omnibus also contained a new Introduction by Moorcock.

Belongs to the series The Eternal Champion Sequence

Von Bek (The Tale of the Eternal Champion #1)
Sailing to Utopia (The Tale of the Eternal Champion #5)
A Nomad of the Time Streams (The Tale of the Eternal Champion #6)
The Prince with the Silver Hand (The Tale of the Eternal Champion #10)
Earl Aubec and Other Stories (The Tale of the Eternal Champion #13)