The Dead Father's Club

by Matt Haig
The Dead Father's Club - Matt Haig N/A

A ghost story with a twist-a suspenseful and poignantly funny update of Hamlet

A triumph of originality and humor, this clever novel by British author Matt Haig gives us Hamlet redux with an unforgettable voice all his own. When eleven-year-old Philip Noble is confronted by the ghost of his recently deceased father and asked to avenge his death, the boy finds himself in a thorny dilemma. Revenge, after all, is a tricky business – especially when Philip is already distracted by his girlfriend, school bullies, self-doubt, and all the other challenges of adolescence. Viewing the adult world through the eyes of a young boy, The Dead Fathers Club is a brilliant, quirky take on a classic tale.

Category: Horror

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Release date 2007
Details updated August 28, 2022
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