Them or Us

by David Moody
Release date: November 3, 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

The human race has been torn apart, and now the war is reaching its end. There is only one question: will it be Them or Us?

The war which has torn the human race apart is finally nearing its end. The population has been devastated and the world reduced to a poisoned, rubble-strewn ruin. Most cities are now uninhabitable, and the country is in the grip of a nuclear winter. Both Hater and Unchanged alike struggle to survive through each day.

Hundreds of Hater fighters have settled inthe abandoned remains of a relatively undamaged town on the east cost, under the command of Hinchcliffe, a ruthless bastard who'll stop at nothing to eradicate the last few Unchanged. This fledgling society is harsh and unforgiving, your place in the ranks decided by how long and how hard you're prepared to fight.

Danny McCoyne is the exception: his ability to hold the Hate has given him a unique position in Hinchcliffe's army – until McCoyne finds himself at the very centre of a pivotal confrontation. The outcome will have repercussions on the future of everyone who is left alive.

updated 2011-11-03

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