The Smoke Thief

by Shana Abé
The Smoke Thief (Drákon #1) by Shana Abé 6.00   2

You are cordially invited to taste the clouds and hunt the moon. You are invited to learn how to fly...

Imagine a world where clouds could be dragons, and dragons could be people... where diamonds beckon with silent songs and a beautiful runaway turns out to be an infamous jewel thief who dissolves into smoke with just a whisper of a thought.

Now imagine the drákon lord sent to capture her.

For centuries they've lived in secret amid the green and misted hills of northern England, shapeshifters who have the ability to Turn from human to smoke to dragon, and back again. They skim the sky and haunt the stars, powerful beyond thought, beautiful, sensual. They are the drákon.

Like any hunted beast, they've survived the centuries by learning silence, by keeping the secret of the tribe absolutely sacrosanct. But one of them has broken the rules, has run to eighteenth-century London and is using his powers to steal fabulous gemstones. Dubbed the "Smoke Thief," he's the most serious threat to the drákon in memory. Christoff Langford, Marquess of Langford and Alpha of the tribe, has sworn to bring the runner home at any cost.

But even Kit doesn't realize that the Smoke Thief is a woman.

Rue Hawthorne is a halfling: half drákon, half mortal, and an outcast in both worlds. As a little girl she loved Kit from afar. As a woman she knows better to trust her heart to anyone, especially the charismatic, ruthless leader of the drákon. She fled her home to escape a forced marriage to him; as the first female in four generations to complete the Turn, she knows she'll be considered Kit's property. Rue, however, has much bigger dreams than that.

A spectacular diamond is missing, Kit's hot on her heels, and Rue's about to find out that even thieves can have their hearts stolen...

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Release date 2005
Details updated February 9, 2015


Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

The Smoke Thief (Drákon #1) 6.00   2
The Dream Thief (Drákon #2) 8.50   2
Queen of Dragons (Drákon #3) 8.50   2
The Treasure Keeper (Drákon #4) 8.50   2
The Time Weaver (Drákon #5) 8.50   2

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