The Dream Thief

by Shana Abé
The Dream Thief (Drákon #2) by Shana Abé 8.50   2

Return to a world of smoke and mist, where clouds enshroud bejeweled dragons, and a pair of illicit lovers will risk their lives to save a people who are not people at all. Return to the world of the drákon...

In the hidden mines of the Carpathian mountains rests Draumr, a legendary singing diamond so powerful it has to potential to enslave the most magnificent beings on earth: the drákon, shapeshifters with the ability to Turn from human to smoke to dragon. And in rural eighteenth-century England, only one woman can hear its hypnotic call...

Lia Langford is the daughter of the tribe's Alpha, the result of generations of potent dragon bloodlines, but by all appearances she is Giftless. Fifth of five children, quiet and shy, Lia harbors a secret, one that would tear apart her people should they discover it: She dreams the future. And in it, she is the final witness to the end of her kind.

She realizes that the only man who can help her stop what is to come is the very mortal destined to destroy her world: Zane, a darkly clever master thief, the sole human trusted by the tribe — and, Lia knows, her future lover.

A London urchin who was once rescued by the drákon, Zane has grown into a man of feral practicality and knife-edged control. His loyalty to the tribe is tested only by his desire for power; with Draumr in his hands and Lia at his side, Zane will truly become a force beyond reckoning.

Lia is determined to reach the diamond first and change her fate. But love is not so readily swayed, and destiny is not so easily denied...

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Release date 2006
Details updated February 9, 2015


Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

The Smoke Thief (Drákon #1) 6.00   2
The Dream Thief (Drákon #2) 8.50   2
Queen of Dragons (Drákon #3) 8.50   2
The Treasure Keeper (Drákon #4) 8.50   2
The Time Weaver (Drákon #5) 8.50   2