The Treasure Keeper

by Shana Abé
The Treasure Keeper (Drákon #4) by Shana Abé 8.50   2

Something Dark is coiled around your heart.

Something scaled and glistening, and ferociously beautiful. It has been with you all your days and nights, all your years, in all your thoughts, shaping every single movement: your hands, your lips, your respiration.

It lives because you live. It lives because magic is real.

You are a dragon.


The lush green shire of Darkfrith, England hides a sparkling secret: a tribe of shapeshifting creatures who have the ability to Turn from human to smoke to dragon. Fierce, lovely, and dangerous, they've lived for centuries disguised as people, undetected by the human beings surrounding them. Until now.

The sanf inimicus, human dragon hunters, have found the shire. And now members of the tribe are going missing, one by one: a little girl. A devoted fiancé. And the reckless, handsome youngest son of the Alpha of the drákon: Lord Rhys Langford.

Zoe Lane is only the village seamstress. Her intellect and ice-cold beauty has left her isolated even amid her own kind. Her final chance to fit in among the tribe was the promise of marriage to Hayden James, a loyal drákon scout sent out into the world to help battle the sanf.

When Hayden vanishes without word, Zoe at last lets loose the Gifts she's kept hidden from her clan: the power to Turn invisible. The ability to see ghosts in glass, to hear the voices of the dead. To read thoughts.

She's determined to find her fiancé and bring him home again if she can. But when she reaches glittering, simmering eighteenth century Paris, she discovers the ghost who haunts her every move isn't Hayden, but Rhys.

Her childhood love.

Rhys's world has gone gray and thin; he isn't even certain if he's alive or dead. His existence is focused solely around Zoe, the only spark of color and true life left to him. Protecting her is going require all of his drákon skill — even as a ghost — because she's determined to strike a blow against the sanf they won't soon forget.

She's his last lifeline to the living world. And he's the one drákon who ever touched her heart.

Only together can they discover the true fate of their kind, and save them all from the traitor in their midst who would destroy them in a heartbeat...

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Release date 2009
Details updated February 9, 2015


Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

The Smoke Thief (Drákon #1) 6.00   2
The Dream Thief (Drákon #2) 8.50   2
Queen of Dragons (Drákon #3) 8.50   2
The Treasure Keeper (Drákon #4) 8.50   2
The Time Weaver (Drákon #5) 8.50   2