The Time Weaver (Drákon, #5)
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The Time Weaver

by Shana Abé
Release date: June 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhistorical fantasy, romanceparanormal romance
Tags: dragons, shapeshifters

What if everything you loved, and everyone, suddenly vanished?

Your parents, your children, your friends. Your home. Your town.

Your species. Now... what if it were your doing?

Your future unfurled before you like a map marked with a thick black arrow drawn irrevocably, relentlessly straight toward Extinction. You never knew. You never guessed, until the end.

What would you sacrifice to erase that map?

Honor Carlisle is a figurative mouse among lions. At least, that's how she sees herself: awkward, friendless, timid. Born into a tribe of fabulously powerful shapeshifters, she's the one drákon who absolutely knows she will never be comfortable with own her kind. While the rest of her tribe celebrates their ferocity by Turning to dragon and soaring into flight, Honor hides in books and solitude, cursing her own fear but unable to break free of it.

Until one day, she discovers a letter — from her future self. And suddenly her life is forever changed.

Honor is a Time Weaver, the only one born to the drákon. She's been blessed with the Gift of being able to Weave through time...whether she wants to or not. But the blessing is also a curse: she's paying a terrible price for her Weaves, one she won't even notice at first.

Drawn through her Weaves over and over again to a dark drákon prince in a faraway land, Honor grows up gradually realizing that he is her future. What she doesn't realize is that falling in love with Prince Alexandru of the Zaharen will lead to the eventual annihilation of her species.

Alexandru has no idea who this mysterious dragon-woman who haunts him may be, or even if she's actually real. He doesn't know her name, only that she appears and disappears throughout the hours of his life without warning, at times older, at times younger, and always a dangerously fascinating creature.

Their love is beyond magic, foretold and undeniable. But perhaps even time may be bent when two such remarkable drákon surrender to their hearts...

updated 2015-02-09

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