The Maze Maker

by Michael Ayrton
Release date: 1967
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

"Each man's life is a labyrinth at the center of which lies his death... It is a paradox of the labyrinth that its center appears to be the way to freedom."

The speaker is Daedalus, the cunning Greek artificer and labyrinth builder whose life and works are the core of this novel, which blends the real and the mythic worlds of ancient Greece in a stunning picutre of civilization. Ayrton's vivid portrait of the fabled master builder – a man filled with brilliant, baffled, cantankerous, and sexually ambivalent genius – reverberates with both a sense of reality, and a continuing relevance at a deeper level to all human aspirations, past and present.

(updated 2010-12-23)

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