Whisper of Venom (Forgotten Realms: Brotherhood of the Griffon, #2)
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Whisper of Venom

by Richard Lee Byers
Release date: November 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy
Tags: dungeons & dragons, forgotten realms

The Mad King Returns!

Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon succeeded in rescuing Tchazzar, the lost king of Chessenta and a formidable red dragon. Upon his return Tchazzar rewards them greatly, sends them back to the frontlines – and names himself a god. Increasingly erratic in the war against the powerful dracolich, Tchazzar begins to move in ways that make Aoth suspicious that the Brotherhood may be just a pawn in a cutthroat draconic game that puts whole kingdoms at risk – a game played for a stakes of gold and blood.

Whisper of Venom features the return of popular character Aoth and his mercenary band, the Brotherhood of the Griffin, introduced in Richard Lee Byers's trilogy The Haunted Lands. Incredible art and Byers's signature twisted plots make this a must-have for all true Forgotten Realms fans.

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