Abaculus 2007

by Danielle Kaheaku
Release date: 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, anthology

Edited by Danielle Kaheaku.

The Greeks coined the word “abaculus” for the small pieces of glass used to create complex mosaic murals.

Peopled with mythical beasts and oversized heroes, a fantastic pantheon of gods, and the humans who dared challenge them, these ancient murals embody the essence of imagination, built piece by tiny piece.

In its first anthology, Leucrota Press brings you short stories from an international cast of new and experienced authors who exemplify the best of contemporary science fiction, fantasy, horror, and graphic writing. Self-contained gems of storytelling craft, each story also fits in to a larger picture of how the universe could, or might just, be.

The first of many installments to come, Abaculus 2007 will challenge the reader with its vision as it entertains through a vivid sense of possibility.

The book includes authors from all levels of writing, and from all corners of the earth. It also features several pieces from comic artists Joe Navarro and Marlo Ting, as well as debutes cover artwork by budding artist Elizabeth John.

(updated 2011-01-18)

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