Abaculus II

by Danielle Kaheaku
Release date: 2008
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, anthology

Edited by Danielle Kaheaku.

Abaculus II is an international collection of some of the best science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories of 2008. Featuring writers from a wide range of backgrounds and talents, the stories embody the art of the short story genres, and are englightening and entertaining reads.

With an introduction by author T. J. Vargo.


  • "Night" by A. S. Berman
  • "Maternal Instinct" by Lesley Conner
  • "Must Have Own Weapons" by Edward McKeown
  • "Runner" by Robert Hunter
  • "Bark and Bite" by Joel A. Sutherland
  • "Lazaretto" by Steven Genise
  • "Soul Gem" by Arnold Lenzini
  • "Spleen" by Ben Spivey
  • "Blind" by Matt R. Konopka
  • "The Photograph of Carolina Stump" by W. D. Wilcox
  • "Desire in Death" by David M. Peak
  • "Ceres" by Joshua Waddles
  • "Death of a Slug" by Rob Rosen
  • "Single Malt" by Shane Nelson
  • "Shattered Roses" by Denise Rozsa
  • "Recall the Executioner" by C. M. Daniels
  • "Hideyholes" by Murphy Edwards
  • "Duergar" by Erin Durante
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