The Dragons of Lencia

by Richard Ford
Release date: 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

The Kingdom of Lencia. For almost two-and-a-half millennia she has looked over the waters of the Tentarias towards the lands lost to her during the Darkdawn War. Now Telnac, King of Lencia, plans to launch a crusade against the Drakkarim of Nyras and restore his country to its former glory.

Meanwhile, Warmarshal Ranghor of Darke, overlord of the Drakkarim nation, plans a conquest of his own.

Heroes from across Magnamund will be drawn into this bitter conflict in search of glory and riches, but as the armies of two warring nations clash, they will soon learn that only pain and death await them in the land of the blue dragon.

(updated 2011-01-26)

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