Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro7.82

Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee 2006, Man Booker Prize nominee 2006.

In one of the most acclaimed and strange novels of recent years, Kazuo Ishiguro imagines the lives of a group of students growing up in a darkly skewered version of contemporary England.

Narrated by Kathy, now 31, Never Let Me Go hauntingly dramatises her attempts to come to terms with her childhood at the seemingly idyllic Hailsham School, and with the fate that has always awaited her and her closest friends in the wider world.

A story of love, friendship and memory, Never Let Me Go is charged throughout with a sense of the fragility of life.

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Release date: 2005
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 7.82/10
Total ratings: 78
Updated: August 21, 2021