2312 - Kim Stanley Robinson 6.00   2

Nebula Award 2012. Hugo Award nominee 2013, Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee 2013, Locus Award nominee 2013, BSFA Award nominee 2012.

The year is 2312. Earth is no longer our only home. All the planets of the solar system bear humanity's mark but leaving Earth doesn't mean we leave behind our problems. Earth and Mars are locked in a deadly conflict over the things people always fight about – air, water, power.

Now, this cold war threatens to become much, much more. A weapon of unprecedented power is loose in the solar system – a "world killer" that could end the conflict once and for all. And end humanity in the process.

It is up to two diplomats from rival factions to find out who is behind this world-killer and to stop them if they can. In a future where politics span billions of miles, a disaster is looming and even the smallest players in the system will have their parts to play to determine the fate of the species.

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Release date May 17, 2012
Details updated June 23, 2022
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Bill B
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October 2, 2016
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October 13, 2015
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