by Andrew Neiderman
Release date: 2001
Type: other fiction
Genres: thriller

What would you do if you couldn't remember who you were, where you lived or what you might have done? Rush hour, Grand Central Station. Aaron Clifford stops dead in his tracks – but he doesn't know he's Aaron Clifford. He doesn't know who he is at all. No matter how hard he tries, he has no memory of why he's there, where he came from, or where he's going. The clues come slowly: from his surroundings, from his wallet, from the taste of dry martini still on his lips. Eventually, Aaron Clifford will piece together the keys of his life. With that relief will come cold-blooded fear – as he learns more than he ever knew before. Things he shouldn't know. Things he doesn't want to know. Things that could get him killed...

updated 2017-01-18

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