Unholy Birth

by Andrew Neiderman
Release date: 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

Congratulations, it's a boy...

Now it's time to pray.

Kate Dobson and her girlfriend run a successful California catering business and share a beautiful home in the Indian Canyons of Palm Springs. They are secure in their relationship and more than comfortable financially. But Kate wants something more... a child. Her longing has invaded her dreams, turning them to nightmares, but it's a need that won't be ignored. So it seems like a miracle when Kate is contacted by Genitor, a cutting-edge in vitro fertilization clinic. Dr. Lois Matthews, the head of Genitor, will personally handle Kate's case, and everything is in place for Kate's pregnancy: an ideal donor, a live-in nanny. But before any test shows she is pregnant, Kate experiences unnerving symptoms in full force, pushing her body – and soon her sanity – to the brink. How can she feel a child quickening inside her? Why is she being pursued by a terrorizing radical group – or is she? Paranoia is taking over her mind, but a force of evil is taking over her body. And soon that evil will be delivered...

updated 2011-02-10

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