Rise of Empire (The Riyria Revelations (omnibus editions) #2) - Michael J. Sullivan8.42

An omnibus edition.

  • Nyphron Rising
  • The Emerald Storm

The birth of the Nyphron Empire has brought war to Melengar. To save her kingdom, Princess Arista runs a desperate gamble when she defies her brother and hires Royce and Hadrian to perform a dangerous mission behind the enemy's lines. As the power of the Nyphron Empire grows, so does Royce’s suspicion that the wizard Esrahaddon is using the thieves as pawns in his own shadowy struggle for power.

To find the truth, he must unravel the secret of Hadrian’s past. What he discovers leads the thieves to the ends of the world on a journey amid treachery and betrayals, forcing Hadrian to face a past he hoped never to see again.

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Release date: November 23, 2011
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, collection
Average rating: 8.42/10
Total ratings: 7
Updated: January 17, 2017

The Riyria Revelations (omnibus editions) :: Series

Belongs to the series The Riyria Revelations

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Rise of Empire (The Riyria Revelations (omnibus editions) #2)8.42
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6/10 |
October 31, 2015
Another good book, but I found this lacked the flair of the earlier books. At times it felt a bit aimless and the adventurers were wandering for the sake of it. A ship voyage was well researched and well written but as to the point... Having said ...