The Life of Polycrates and Other Stories for Antiquated Children

by Brendan Connell
Release date: March 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories

Myth and imagination are confronted with historical precision in Brendan Connell’s newest collection of short fiction, bringing together a number of stories previously published in journals and anthologies as well as never before published material that includes the novella The Life of Polycrates, describing the rise to power of the ancient Greek ruler, his eccentric deeds and the fantastic personalities around him.

This is a book of bizarre histories and cerebral studies that explores the darkest passages of the human heart and brightest depravities of the human mind.


  • The Life of Polycrates
  • Collapsing Claude
  • The Dancing Billionaire
  • Brother of the Holy Ghost
  • Maledict Michela
  • The Life of Captain Gareth Caernarvon
  • Molten Rage
  • The Chymical Wedding of Des Esseintes
  • The Search for Savino
  • The Slug
  • Peter Payne
updated 2011-03-22

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