A Silver Wish (Tales from the Land of Erin #3) - Michael Scott
"With a scream almost as terrifying as the monster's, Ronan dashed from his hiding place. The Oillpeist roared and spat flame at him. Etan saw its massive yellowed teeth and its long black tongue in a raw red mouth. And then it slumped on to the stony beach at her feet..." What happens in Hero is not uncommon in Ireland, because Ireland is indeed a land of heroes. Some are famous, remembered in myth and legend; others have long vanished into the mists of time. Here are stories which chronicle the exploits of Ireland's mightiest heroes: Cuchulain and Finn MacCumhal; Cormac Mac Art the King of Kings; brave, noble St Patrick himself. Ages old their tales maybe, but they remain as fresh and exciting as if they happened yesterday.
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Release date: 1985
Genres: fantasy, short stories, young adult
Updated: January 30, 2017