Demon's Law (Tales of the Bard #2) - Michael Scott
There is a bridge between two worlds, that of Life and that of Death, and Paedur the Bard, Champion of the Old Faith, steps tentatively across the fathomless gulf. Legend speaks of peoples of all races and times still carrying on a semblance of life within the silent Wood of the Dead, kings and peasants, warriors and priests, all living out an eternal parody of their days in the World of Men, perhaps even unaware that they are dead, their kingdoms dust, their time long forgotten. There is even a tale that Mannam, Lord of the Dead, deliberately keeps the finest the World of Men has to offer, the wisest kings, the bravest warriors, the most powerful magicians, the most knowledgeable bards and rules them himself... But no-one knows for certain, for no-one has ever returned from the Land of the Dead to speak of its wonders.
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Release date: 1988
Genres: fantasy
Updated: September 07, 2010