Death's Law (Tales of the Bard #3) - Michael Scott
Churon showed his teeth in a mirthless smile. "Bard; if the Gods of Faith and Religion go to war, then the resultant destruction will wipe out the myriad planes of life clean of all life, possibly forever." "And I must do it alone, I suppose?" "Do it whatever way you can, Bard, but do it soon," Death said, and melted back into the stone walls, and was gone. Churon, Deathgod of the Old Faith, had spoken. And Paedur the Bard, Champion of that Faith, took the King Road to the North: on the final quest for the Old Faith, and for his destiny... In the wilds of the North, to encounter Geillard, the deposed emperor, to encounter Mannani, the once-lord of the Dead, sovereign of the Silent Wood. And there to fulfil the final prophecy, to roam the planes of existence, the pages of legend.
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Release date: 1989
Genres: fantasy
Updated: September 07, 2010