Windlord (The De Danann Tales #1) - Michael Scott
A time-warp intervenes as Ken and his sister Ally descend Skellig Michael's 670 steps and they are confronted by people from the De Danann city of Baddalaur... Michael Scott's fabulous epic fantasy will cast a spell on everyone who reads it. Set before the Flood when the Tuatha De Danann ruled the vast De Danann Isle, it was a time of shape-changers and damhan, of flying serpents, poisonous arrows and devastating fire-balls, of sorcerers and Torc Allta, of Balor and his terrible reptilian warriors, and of the all-powerful Windlords. Ken and Ally are befriended by Paedur, the wise young bard and his companion Faolan, son of the Windlord, who has entrusted with a sacred task. Pursued relentlessly by Balor's warriors on route to the icy Northlands, this unlikely band of heroes find that time is running out - will they be able to rescue the secret of the wind? Can they rescue Faolan's family? Can they find a returning Ken and Ally to their own time.
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Release date: 1991
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: September 07, 2010