Firelord (The De Danann Tales #3) - Michael Scott
The De Danann Isles are dying. Balor's magic has weakened the very fabric of isles. Volcanoes and earthquakes threaten to rip them apart. An ancient dark magic has been stirred up. Shining ghostly figures and bloodsucking vampires attack during the darkest night hours turning anyone they touch into soul-less zombies. Convinced that the creatures are under Balor's control, Paedur, Megan the warrior maid and Faolan the Windlord must travel into the mysterious West to seek out the source of the ancient magic. Meanwhile Ally and Ragallach the Torc Allta are searching for Ken in the waterless desert. They have heard rumours of a red-haired boy being held prisoner by the savage priests who worship the deadliest elemental magic: FIRE! It is a race against time. And in the last days of the De Danann Isles the six companions must face the island's most chilling secret.
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Release date: 1993
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: January 17, 2017