Vampyre - Michael Scott
At the heart of every myth there is a truth. It begins with the gift of an ancient bone comb Robert gives his girlfriend, Karen. In the days that follow, Karen's dreams are vivid and strange. She is haunted by images of a red-haired girl who dresses in the costume of a fifteenth-century maid, but who terrifyingly seems to be aware of Karen. Her dreams become darker and wilder until there are times when she finds it hard to distinguish reality from fantasy. Is she dreaming of the red-haired girl... or is she seeing into the past? Robert becomes aware of the changes in Karen. He begins noticing subtle changes in her features, her bone structure, the slant of her eyes, the shape of her teeth. But it is only when he discovers the puncture marks in the crook of his arm that he realises what Karen has become - a vampyre! The vampyre hasn't yet totally possessed Karen and in a desperate race against time, Robert attempts to banish the creature, but he is pitted against one of the oldest enemies of mankind.
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Release date: 1995
Genres: horror, young adult
Updated: January 21, 2017