19 Railway Street - Michael Scott, Morgan Llywelyn
One house, two children, one hundred and thirty years between them. In 1776, orphaned but wealthy Sophie Rutledge lives a life of privilege in a fine Georgian house in Dublin, quite unaware that her murder is being plotted. In 1907, Mickser Lawless and his impoverished family occupy the same house, now a tenement. Mick's father is dying and his family will be thrown into the street to starve. Then they both see ghosts. Sophie is frightened by the phantom of a tagged, starving boy. Mickser is terrified by the apparition of a beautifully dressed young woman. This is the tale of a boy and girl who have absolutely nothing in common but a house - and danger. They cannot help themselves but they can help each other, if they are able to overcome their fear. But time is running out. On Christmas Eve - 1776 and 1907 - events come to a shocking conclusion. Nineteen Railway Street explores the link that connects two different worlds and two remarkable young people on the brink of maturity.
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Release date: 1996
Genres: horror, young adult
Updated: September 07, 2010