by Scarlet Clearwater
Release date: April 14, 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult


From the time she was little, Lila had trouble fitting in. Her parents finally told her that she was different because she was a demon—a demon that needs sex to survive. Once Lila gave into her desires, she killed a boy, sending her into a downward spiral. She ran from everything she knew, taking her only friend with her. Together, the girls must learn how to live normal lives while searching for Lila’s male counterpart. He would be the key to end her suffering.


Stirling has no intention of settling down. That is, until he meets Lila. But she soon learns that he is working for a powerful demon responsible for a scheme to wipe out her kind. Stirling knows she hates him, but he can’t let her go. He has to prove his love for her so they can bond and fill the void in both of them but the only way to do that may cost him his life.

Could it be that Lila has found her mate in an enemy?



updated 2011-05-02

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