A-Z of Tolkien
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A-Z of Tolkien

by David Day
Release date: 1993
Type: other fiction
Genres: non-fiction
Tags: middle-earth

This book is also known as A-Z Tolkien and The Tolkien Companion. A to Z of Tolkien is a complete dictionary of all the flora and fauna in Tolkien's writings, a complete guide to all the races, nations and tribes of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Ents, Maiar and Valar that ever populated Tolkien's world of Arda. Furthermore, it serves as a selective biographical dictionary and a geographical gazetteer. It is a Who's Who of the major characters of Tolkien's epic world and an A-Z of all the prominent cities, countries, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and seas of Middle Earth and the Undying Lands. "The indispensable guide to the wondrous legends, history, languages and peoples of Middle Earth", is the sub-title of this alphabetical reference book. It is an essential guide to Tolkien's towering creation of an alternative world that mirrors our own. The Ring Epic covers approximately 10,000 years with Elvish and Mannish names from Nimrodel to Nimbrethil, from the Riders of Rohan to the Rings themselves. The pages are packed with clear information and bold topic headers guaranteed to steer first-time readers through the High History of Elven peoples and delight those already under Tolkien's spell. Black and white maps and decorations recreate the authentic magic of the original. Facsimile bargain reprint. With explanatory maps, charts, writing systems and even genealogical tables.

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