Brutal Conquest

by Jerry Ahern
Release date: 1990
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

World War III left America a toxic wasteland, its proud civilization buried in the poison ruins of nuclear attack. Its spirit all but destroyed, the small tribes of desperate nomads crushed by Soviet conquerors and their troops had little hope from freedom. Until one man dared to challenge the terrible Russian war machine: John Thomas Rourke, ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons expert and warrior, the ultimate Survivalist.

After his brilliant attack on the combined forces of the Soviet and Fascist armies outside of Eden, Rourke and the rebels retreated to relative safety in the lush Rift Valley. Or so they thought. Ruthless mercenaries known as Land Pirates attacked them deploying their huge mobile arsenals of mega-particle beam antipersonnel weapons in a bloody surprise raid. Forced to run, Rourke and his troops were surrounded on all sides by hostile armies. The cause of America's freedom seemed doomed forever. But out of the flames of bitter defeat, democracy's greatest warrior rallied to snatch his most decisive victory!

(updated 2011-05-09)

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